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About Us Your Mother & Daughter Mistresses

Genuine Mother & Daughter Mistresses in Southampton

Within us all there are hidden depths, places we don’t allow ourselves to go very often. These are places where our secret selves stay buried until the yearning becomes something that cannot be ignored. If you are feeling the urge to explore these secret desires/longings, the hunger to explore the hedonism then a session with us, MisStress and Ms Holly Hell would allow to do so in a safe place where you surrender yourself to us for an experience that will be addicting, that will to places that only exist in your deepest darkest fantasies.

MisStress is a petite deceptively sweet lady on the surface, she’s sassy, sarcastic and loves it when fools realise she doesn’t suffer them gladly,,, by which time its too late and they are ensnared and must suffer the consequences. Unleashing her prowess on the unsuspecting or those deemed worthy is something that she enjoys immensely… her wicked skills can then come out to play.

she passed these traits onto her darling daughter; Ms Holly shares her Mother’s evilly cruel streak and has been dominating her subs for over 10 years. She credits MisStress as the influence and inspiration for her love for what she does.

To unite our skills and form a duo where we can torment and tantalise those who seek to experience our unique skill set and be bought into the dynamic both of us, Mother and daughter focus on the individuals who wish to offer us their submission.

We love working together and have done so for many years, the mother daughter bond is very much at the forefront and during the session our submissive is enveloped within this dynamic with us. They would experience our ingenuity, our imaginative skill set. We are passionate about what we do and we are Picasso and DaVinci is leather and lace. We give our full laser focussed combined attention to our subs who have entrusted themselves to us. and feel they are both brave enough and worthy of our time. If we accept you, you will submit to us and together we will start a journey that will expose your hidden submissive tendencies buried deep within your soul.

Submit to us. Whilst restrained and under our control, your darkest desires will be realised. You will be liberated resulting in an ecstasy that will have you addicted!